The WildeHopps Community Calendar Returns For 2022!



Is 2021 going by really fast for anyone else? Next year is coming sooner rather than later and what better way to keep track of all your dates and appointments than a Calendar?

Why, a calendar full of our favorite fox and bun making goo-goo eyes at each other of course!

OptimusPower92 and The WildeHopps Community Calendar are back again for 2022! It’s here to provide us with all of the squees that any of us could possibly need to last the whole year.

Everyone make sure to give a cheer of gratitude to these fourteen squee-providers!

The Gory Saint
la perlas mermaid

The calendar comes with a wide variety of binding options and two sizes to choose from. So pick one up for yourself and maybe one for someone you love as well!

The WildeHopps Community Calendar 2022 – $13.99/$18.99


    • I’m… not entirely sure that math checks out? What makes you think it’s worth 10 rupees?

    • Then don’t buy it; whine about people getting paid for the materials they make somewhere else. When was the last time you made an ink-printed, professionally sourced calendar that you can determine its value with any right to do so?

      • Mate you arent even allowed to sell this Kind of stuff. These characters belong to Disney. You make money off someone else copyright. Reported to Disney

        • You don’t know much anything about the fandom system, do you? Disney’s been aware of ZNN’s existence and their goings-on since it started. If they were going to have an issue with this, it would have been dealt with and done years ago. And people have been making money off of fanart worldwide since the inception of creativity itself; you complaining about the cost of something and then bitching about legality that doesn’t factor won’t be changing that any time soon…

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