Art of the Day #518: Let’s Dance Again

dance the fox trot. by @ys_kzoo
Source [1]
Hi everybody; as promised, we are back once more to our weekly themed-fanart collections.  For today’s outing, we’re revisiting one of our very favorite Art of the Day topics — Dance.
Surprisingly, there wasn’t much dancing in the Zootopia movie; we only saw it in a certain cell-phone app and during the end-title sequence, when Gazelle performed a reprise of Try Anything.   (…And even then, Judy was barely to get Nick to go along.)   Hopefully we’ll get to see some more dance numbers when Zootopia+ premieres…and in the sequel.
But while we’re waiting, enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.
Okay boys, hit it.

We open with some pics of Nick and Judy hitting the dance-floor together.
A pic based on the above-mentioned End Title sequence.  Ahhh, you’ve got to love Judy’s enthusiasm.  Let’s continue with that theme for a bit, shall we?

Get Down, Fox by @mojacookie
Source [2]
Now you’re getting with the rhythm, Nick

Nick and Judy Dance by Septer
Source [3]
Crazy rabbit…and he wouldn’t want her any other way.

Crazy Something Normal by DramaGhostGirl
Source [4]
Hmmmm, looks like Judy’s enthusiasm is a mite contagious.

Nick + Judy Dance by kastraz
Source [5]
Next up a series of Ballroom-Dance images–also featuring our favorite fox and bunny.

Zoot-Warm Dance by Dantaniel
Source [6]
Awwww, why the long face, Judy?

The Fox’s Trap by TheWyvernsWeaver
Source [7]
That’s better….except now Nick’s getting serious.

Dance by @Passedwell
Source [8]
Ahhhh, there we go; enjoy yourselves, guys.

Shall We Dance? by @soumeisakurai
Source [9]
Next, we present a short series of pics entitled, ‘It Takes Two to Tango.’

Ballroom Nick and Judy by おくら
Source [10]
However it doesn’t take a dance-floor; you can tango anywhere.

The Stroke of Midnight by TheWyvernsWeaver
Source [11]
Okay Nick, you’re overdoing it here.

Just One Dance, Please? by RainbowSpine
Source [12]
Leaving that theme behind, let’s move on to something a little more spicy.
Mildly spicy.

Dance With Me [Zootopia] by AugustRaes
Source [13]
Medium Spicy.

Oh I wanna dance with somebody finished by akiric
Source [14]

Slow Noir by Ziegelzeig
Source [15]
And next, we have…oh, ha-ha guys, reeeeeeeally funny!

Try Everything! by @s1msy_sfw
Source [16]
And that’s our cue to move on to a gallery of ethnic-dance fanart.
Hey Judy, Gazelle does the belly-dance routines around here. 

Disney Belly Dancers – Shaabi Judy by Blatterbury
Source [17]
Well-l-l-l, okayyyyy; just this once, we’ll make an exception.

Happy Halloween Dance by @AkiricArt
Source [18]
And now it’s time for some Latin-Dance fanart.
Don’tcha love that dress?

Its FIESTA time! by Ruby-kila
Source [19]
And doesn’t Nick look great as a Vaquero?

Gracias Zootopia! by Sendraxmon
Source [20]
Cue ‘Remember Me.’

Dancing by yelnatsdraws
Source [21]
Here’s Nick, dancing the Flamenco, (and doesn’t he look just SUPER?)

Flamenco Nick by fanartiguess
Source [22]
And here he is again, dancing the Cha-Cha with Judy.

Try Cha Cha! by Proteon
Source [23]
Moving right along, here’s a couple of animated dance-pics, with little Nick…

Nick’s Holiday Dance by AAR0NJAY
Source [24]
…and young Gideon Grey.

Gideon Grey Dance by TUWKA
Source [25]
And that leads us into our wrap-up; some dance-themed fanart, featuring the rest of the Zootopia gang.
If you’re talking ‘dance’ and Zootopia, you can’t forget Gazelle.

Try Everything by iJayDeath by iJayDeath
Source [26]
…Or her tigers.

Tiger Dancer, with a donut ring! by RwoRomeo
Source [27]
And while we’re on the subject of big cats, here’s Benjamin Clawhauser, shakin’ like a Po-la-roid pict-CHA!

dancecut by graphic-lee
Source [28]
 You wake him up and tell him he’s only dreaming.

Benjamin’s Fantasy by Darya Rudakova
Source [29]
Chief Bogo demonstrates his favorite dance-move for Judy.

Bogo Gets Down by pitiyindee
Source [30]
Now HERE’S a Zootopia character that doesn’t get a lot of fanart.  It’s Priscilla, Flash’s girlfriend from the DMV sequence.

Try… Everything… Slowly by pitiyindee
Source [31]
Finnick tries everything.  Get yer mind out of the gutter Little Toot-Toot; it’s crowded enough down here.

Dancing with the Stars by Houndpool
Source [32]
Jack Savage and Skye, in Victorian dance-mode.

Will you do me the honor of this dance? by fouroclocksart
Source [33]
And another character we don’t see too often in the Zootopia fanart community, ZNN anchormammal Fabienne Growley.  Here we see her cutting a rug with her beau.  And this is an awesome piece of artwork or what?

Dance! by Sunny_Way
Source [34]
Yep, even Dawn Bellwether likes to trip the light fantastic every now and again.  Her dance partner is Buster Moon, from the movie Sing!  

Cuties Dancing by tory-the-fuzzball
Source [35]
And finally…
There is ONE dance everybody dreads performing; the one you don’t know you did, until after you see it on Tik-Tok.

[COMMISSION] Drunk Judy by Ziegelzeig
Source [36]
Until next time…

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  1. Should note for source 33: it ain’t Skye. It’s Cynthia Walker (and oh what a shame that artist decided to stonewall the fandom here, they did such good J.S. art…).

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