Comic: Nick and Judy in Japan (By: hykez87)


Hello, one and all! Got a quick question for ya: Ever been to Japan? I haven’t, but I’ve heard great things and I’d certainly want to go one day. And as luck would have it, Nick and Judy feel the same way.

In hykez87’s two-part comic: Nick and Judy in Japan, Nick and Judy take some time off from making the world a better place to…well…visit Japan (guess the title gave it away). Obviously, they take it upon themselves to check out the Miyagi Zao Fox Village and the Rabbit Island of Okunoshima, because really, why wouldn’t they? The events that play out in these visits are downright adorable, to say the least.

So if you’re interested in possibly learning some new facts about rabbits and foxes while witnessing Judy and Nick getting into various shenanigans, then you should give this comic a look!

Check out both parts in the links below.

Nick and Judy at the Zao Fox Village

Nick and Judy at Okunoshima