Art of the Day #512

Judy Staring at Fireworks by @RelaxableArt
Source [1]
Hello again, folks.   Owing to an number of reasons, we’ve got a bit of an artwork backlog on our paws.   And so, we’re going to give the themed Art of the Day collections a rest in order to clear it up a little.
Our featured image for today is a new piece from one of our favorite artists, Relaxable and it’s a great one. (How did she get that effect of the fireworks reflecting off the glass? It’s simply brilliant.)
And that’s only one of many great pieces we have lined up for today. We’ve got Nick’s mom and dad, saying their vows, some great interplay between our favorite fox and his little buddy Finnick, an awesome Ghost in the Shell crossover, and many, many more. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

Test of Will by BroDogz
Source [2]

The Wedding by fredvegerano
Source [3]

Jhudy hopps by gurudJ
Source [4]

Trust Me, Foxes Never Lie by TotalChecking
Source [5]

Among Us Nick and Judy by hykez87
Source [6]

How cute! by 0l-Fox-l0
Source [7]

Beautiful Morning with You by Akiric
Source [8]

Bang The Drum All Day by Akiric
Source [9]

Phone Chat by @vhideout1
Source [10]

Bite yo FACE off! by @hjkiuwb
Source [11]

Now, Now by @hjkiuwb
Source [12]

By The Book by @hjkiuwb
Source [13]

Relax Big Guy by @hjkiuwb
Source [14]

Police Judy by @Paradox_JH
Source [15]

Judy in the Shell by @Paradox_JH
Source [16]

Where Am I? by @trashasaurusrex
Source [17]

Look at This by @mepo_disney
Source [18]

TurtleNick Sweater by @QalcoveArt
Source [19]

Costume Try-on by Knoton13
Source [20]

Cakewalk by @picniccccccck
Source [21]

Cakewalk CU by @picniccccccck
Source [22]

Victorian Style by Shadeink
Source [23]

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