Art of the Day #480

If You Are by @k_natsuichigoo
Source [1]

Today’s featured imaged revolves around one of our favorite subjects, Nick and Judy done retro style.   (In this case the, it’s  late 19th century.) We think Nick Wilde’s outfit makes him look the perfect dashing rogue, while Judy embodies the quintessential heroine of a Victorian pulp novel.

Oh, and did we mention that it’s an awesome piece of artwork? The use of texture, light, and color here is nothing short of magical.

And it’s only one of many great pieces in this week’s random Zootopia fanart collection. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Many Colors by cyberamethyst
Source [2]

Boogie Down by reddoshirousagi06
Source [3]

Boogie Down (sketch) by reddoshirousagi06
Source [4]

Top of the Morning by judyxnick1
Source [5]

Nick Zootopia policeman by Maynin
Source [6]

The White Bunny by HyenaTig
Source [7]

Judge, judy, executioner by Jesterwing
Source [8]

Nai by @CCVVFD1912
Source [9]

Battling demons by @6vulpes
Source [10]

Tuckered Out by @_00do
Source [11]

I drew Nick and Judy in vintage outfits. Pretty snazzy. by @RelaxableArt
Source [12]

Late night Nick Wilde drawing. by @QalcoveArt
Source [13]

Nick Wilde by @_00do
Source [14]

Back pain by @_00do
Source [15]

Party Dress by @atlantica0208
Source [16]

My old works October 2019 by @RedInk022
Source [17]

Pawpsicles 🍭 by @RedInk022
Source [18]

Musical Judy by @mepo_disney
Source [19]

Tails and Cream as Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps by DeltaFoxtrot2014
Source [20]

Sweet kiss by ZHADART
Source [21]

Fox Wizard by darthtater342
Source [25]

Mr. Manchas by King_L.
Source [24]

Fav scene in our style by Hau-Oli
Source [26]

Judy Drawing by DeskManiac
Source [27]

Star Wars X Zootopia by BrownbearGaryEdurardo
Source [28]

Judy and Nick piggyback by Tubbertons
Source [29]

Classic Disney by Kumotta
Source [30]