Art of the Day #479: Disgustipated

Bleah! by 64
Source [1]

Hello again, Zootopia aficionados.

Our final offering in the Inside-Out Emotion series was tricky to put together.  As anyone can tell you, there’s a fine, (and blurry,) line between disgust and anger. Not only that; the Big D encompasses a whole range of other emotions, including loathing, distaste, contempt, disdain, and the ever-popular WTF?!

For this collection, we’ve tried to cover as much of that spectrum as possible, presenting the Zootopia gang in as wide a variety of disgust-related artwork as possible.

Enjoy, (can we can say that, given the subject matter?)…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Once again, we open with a gallery of images dedicated to our favorite bunny-cop.

As we mentioned above, there are several different kinds of disgust.
There’s “Ewww.”

Judy Feels Disgust by lsw249
Source [2]

There’s, “Seriously?”

Disgusted Judy by sprinkah
Source [3]

There’s “You know what you did!”

Hmmph! by @okura_0426_
Source [4]

And let’s not forget, “I’m FINE!”

Mad bun by AlbineFox
Source [5]

And always remember, when it comes to disgust, ’tis ever better to give than to receive…as Judy so aptly demonstrated with her Carrot Days talent show skit.

D29-Injured by RainWolf23
Source [6]

Okay Nick, now you’re up.

This is one of those ‘borderline’ pics we talked about earlier.   In this piece, Nick is both angry and disgusted,

Face to Face by Ziegelzeig
Source [7]

Disgust goes well with confusion, too.

ShirtlessNick by @B_BudArt
Source [8]

Hey, you’d look that way too, if you were him.

Dead Dove, Do Not Eat. by Jamisjon
Source [9]

And now, here are Nick and Judy together…engaging in some mutual, and/or back-and-forth disgust.

Early concept piece by Byron Howard.  I don’t think they like each other very much.

Concept Noir by Byron Howard
Source [10]

Oh, quit griping Judy; you knew he was carnivore when you partnered with him.

Messy by Credens-Vita
Source [11]

Not to say that Nick never gets disgusted with her.

On Stakeout by @Ruffu_
Source [12]

“Any MORE bright ideas, Slick?”

All Chained Up – Commission by Ruffu
Source [13]

Lookin’ just a little hung-over, do ya think?

D2-Mindless by @fever_artistry
Source [14]

Knowing Nick, he’ll probably opt for some joint that caters almost exclusively to predator species.

Hoppson’s Choice by @jaff96art
Source [15]

One ring to rule them all, (or at least one fox.)

Inktober2019 by @aureldrawsstuff
Source [16]

There’s one crime victim that’s not getting a lot of sympathy

Disco Conundrum by Ruffu
Source [17]

When Nick met Judy, (in the Zootopia teaser trailer.)

Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Be-Fur by JargonIceDragon
Source [18]

Don’tcha HATE it when he does that?

Hopps! Wilde! by @QalcoveArt
Source [19]

We finish up, as always, with a gallery featuring some of the other Zootopia cast members.

Yep, there’s disgust on display here.  Take note of the vixen in the background, (Nick Wilde’s mom.)

Afternoon Outing by xx-junglebeatz-xx
Source [20]

When it comes to wearing your disgust on your sleeve, NOBODY beats Finnick

tumblr_o5l07uKpED1qe1sypo2_1280 by savagelyrandom
Source [21]

Are you sure you don’t want those kneecaps, Nick?

Come to Daddy by lobowupp
Source [23]

*Sigh!*  Some guys just never learn.

Small Nick and Finnick 1 by SnideFox
Source [25]

On the other hand, there’s only so much temptation you can put in front of a red fox before he cracks.

Slowburn Finnick by kny
Source [26]

As we mentioned earlier…disgust is better to give than receive.

NOT Amused by Nyamo❄︎iPad
Source [27]

‘Course Bogo always looks that way.

semi-cursed by @afruitvegetable
Source [28]

Here’s Gary, getting disgusted with Larry

You Disgust Me by Retehi
Source [29]

And their ZPD counterparts,  Grizzoli and Wolford.  (Parking duty IS pretty disgusting, isn’t it?)

Parking Duty by Corgi
Source [30]

Turnabout is fair play…tho’ Bucky and Pronk might not think so at the moment.

Payback’s a Bitch by iPoke
Source [31]

And finally….
In regard to the last two pics in today’s collection…and as we may have suggested once before:

If we can’t unsee this, YOU can’t unsee this!

Kiss Pounce by nivarra
Source [32]

Nick and Swinton Kisses by nivarra
Source [33]

Until next time…

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