Video/Editorial: Beastars Vs. Zootopia on Discrimination (By: Kross)


Perhaps one of the biggest topics right now is discrimination. Many countries and their populations are revisiting the idea of the topic and how it affects their populations. At the same time many people are revisiting their idea of discrimination and how they think about it as a whole.

Zootopia at its very core is about discrimination within the framework of anthro society. But how does it compare to Beastars on the same topic? Two similar yet very different media with some of the same undertones as some of their themes.

Check out Kross’ opinion on that very subject below!

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  1. here, before watching this: I shall give you all who came to ZNN a gift of wisdom.
    Discrimination starts with a self pain, that one tries to justify- and thus teach- even if everything in world proves against it. It was about yourself, never someone else.

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