Art of the Day #466

Shake Your Groove Thing by lobowupp
Source [1]

We always love it when someone creates a crossover image of Zootopia and one of the lesser-known Disney animations. Our featured image for today is just such a pic — Zootopia X An Extremely Goofy Movie.

(We love any artwork showing Nick and Judy dancing together too.)

And there’s plenty of other great pics on tap for today.  How about a Zootopia X Animaniacs X Amazing World of Gumball crossover…or Gazelle as Zatanna? There’s all this and more in today’s random Zootopia fanart collection. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Lean on Me by itty-bitties-posts
Source [2]

Minerva Mink X Judy X Nicole – Girl Trouble 3! by Silent-Sid
Source [3]

Cocktail Waitress by @swetpot
Source [4]

Mammals at work by @KoraruSan
Source [5]

Comfort by @strawberry628
Source [6]

How do I Look? by @strawberry628
Source [7]

Salute by モーティコ
Source [8]

Ready by モーティコ
Source [9]

Pacified by モーティコ
Source [10]

Judy Sprints by モーティコ
Source [11]

Poppin’ Hoppin’ by モーティコ
Source [12]

Caught ya! by モーティコ
Source [13]

Mood swing by モーティコ
Source [14]

Little Red Number by モーティコ
Source [15]

Just That Mad by モーティコ
Source [16]

Model SHeet by モーティコ
Source [17]

Come On, Try It by @HB_runo
Source [18]

Zatelle by @RaspberriesWH
Source [19]

Swim Meet by @oimotomeru91
Source [20]

She’ll Grow Into It by @strawberry628
Source [21]

He’ll Grow Into It by @strawberry628
Source [22]

Hold Me by @noko_ume_
Source [23]

Shoot The Moon by @oimotomeru91
Source [24]

Easy by KungFuFreak07
Source [25]

Grease Fox by @Oak_Thorn
Source [26]

Wild Wild west by @Oak_Thorn
Source [27]

Swords and Sorcery by @Oak_Thorn
Source [28]

Disney Foxes by DolceCapella
Source [29]

Dead-Not-Dead by KungFuFreak07
Source [30]

Side by side by Totino-s
Source [31]