Art of the Day #465: Duke Amuck 2

Weaselton selling masks by OtaniNozomu
Source [1]

Well, well, well…it looks like the Duke of Bootleg’s got himself a whole new gig.   Mind, I wouldn’t want to be him when a certain fox and bunny-cop find out about this. (Hey, you know those masks weren’t come by honestly.)

But in the meantime…

For this week’s Art of the Day collection. we present yet another gallery of fanart dedicated to that most petty of petty criminals, the one and only Duke Wesel…er, Weaselton, Duke Weaselton.

Enjoy….and don’t forget to…

A. Show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links
B. Check your watch and wallet on the way out.


We open with a few portrait pics of the Dukester, in all his glory.

Thumbs Up Duke by @OldYuchi
Source [2]

Duke Weaselton for Skunkbomb by @jwbalsley
Source [3]

for Tachiweasel by @latte_monster
Source [4]

And on to some full-body-type pics of Ol’ Crinklewhiskers.

Duke_Weaselton by InsaneDingo
Source [5]

We had to include at least one pic of Duke  Weaselton as the Duke of Weselton

102. Duke of Weaselton by NikRaccoon
Source [6]

“N-Now Officers….I can explain everything…”

My Entry by @kloud_kat
Source [7]

I like the bandage around the tail in this one; that is SO something that would happen to this weasel.

Onion Thief by @magferret
Source [8]

Yep, weasels really ARE that flexible,

The Duke Weaselton Twist by Wheeler-Bertrand
Source [9]

Obviously from the House of Slytherin

A young wizard Duke Weaselton by starvedfox
Source [10]

Scary pic this one; reminds me a little of the character of Rat, from Fantastic Mr. Fox

Savage Duke Weaselton by Traversee
Source [11]

From a Fanfic Cover.

Weaselton’s story cover by ThankU830309
Source [12]

In Duke’s case, it would be more like TACKY gear

Tac Weaselton by starvedfox
Source [13]

Colored version of a pic from our last Duke Weaselton collection

Run Duke Run by Corgi
Source [14]

Duke Weaselton…pulling off a big-time heist?
We don’t think so.

The Duke of Thieves! by Zen_Fetcher
Source [15]

This is more his speed

And with that we move on to some pics of The Dukester, together with some of the other animals in the Zootopia crew

Steal Everything by NikRaccoon
Source [16]

If you think this is a pain Nick, just wait’ll he takes that detour through Little Rodentia

On Duty by Totino-s
Source [17]

We kind of figured from the movie that Nick and the Dukester were never best buds.

Get off my turf by @RelaxableFur
Source [18]

Here’s one of Duke with his fellow mustelid, Travis.

Travis and Duke! [Traditional] <3 by Zen_Fetcher
Source [19]

Brazen…isn’t he?

Beach Drawings Weaselton by ThankU830309
Source [20]

Here’s Duke with Finnick.  Judging by their faces, I’d say this games a toss-up.

Duke and FInnick by justasignature
Source [21]

Now, now…don’t judge Duke too harshly; it’s not like he NEVER tried to make an honest living.

There was the time he helped run a carnival shooting gallery

Right in the target by Ziegelzeig
Source [22]

…that time he ran a dealer’s table at the Zootopia Comic-Con…

Duke Weaselton’s Discount Comics by KeenyFox
Source [23]

….and when he worked as a bike messenger.

Duke on Wheels by Wheeler-Bertrand
Source [24]

And finally…like all petty crooks, Duke Weaselton never stops dreaming of one day making The Big Score
The trouble is, he keeps waking up…

Da Money by the-fire-prince
Source [25]

Until next time…

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  1. I imagine Duke would have been selling toilet paper had he started getting in on the pandemic profits earlier.

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