Video/Editorial: Top 10 Scary Zootopia Theories (By: MostAmazingTop10)


Conspiracy theories something we’ve all have thought about at one time or another. Whether they are complete hogwash or are something to be considered, there is little doubt that they exist. So what kind of theories might exist within the wider world of Zootopia?

In the video below, you can explore that topic as it’s been presented by MostAmazingTop10, It is a two-part video (both below) exploring various avenues of popular theories that the fandom might not have considered before.

Be warned, it may not be suitable for all viewers, as some of the topics are rather extreme.


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  1. I could only make it through the first video before becoming discouraged by the level of dreck being presented.

    The creators of Zootopia proposed a simple story idea… an alternate universe where humans never existed and the other animals evolved. It’s sad how a majority of the “theories” just have to shoe-horn humanity back into the world of Zootopia in some way because the basic story premise isn’t good enough for the “theorists”.

    In addition, it’s obvious that the video creators did minimal research for this presentation as they repeat the “UK version of Zootopia has a Corgi” urban legend as fact and are oblivious to the creative team saying that plants, bugs and fish are available to the predators as a guilt-free source of protein.

    Given the sloppy content of Part 1, I have no desire to watch Part 2″

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