Shakira Performs the Superbowl Half-time Show Dressed as Gazelle (With Fan Art!)

Credit: ExplainLikeImAnOtter

I’m sure many of you saw the Superbowl last night.  Most watch it for the game, some watch it for the commercials.  Me, I watched it for the half-time show, where our very own Gazelle (played by the incredible artist Shakira) was the headlining act alongside J-Lo.  While she may not have performed Try Everything, she did reference her role in Zootopia in another way- her costume.

As you can see in the above image, the similarities are striking:  Red sequins, frills, bare midriff, knee-high boots, the works.  There’s not much to say other than, yes, it very clearly is some version of that costume.  I’d like to think it was Shakira’s idea, since it was her birthday yesterday.  But credit may very well go to a clever costume designer, or somebody else on the superbowl crew.  Whoever it was, thank you for the reference!

We aren’t the only ones who picked up on the similarities, of course.  One tweet from @PatrickKling, which was highlighted by Twitter, has, at the time of writing, over 262,000 likes.  Dozens of people, including myself, pointed it out when we saw it, and consensus at this point seems to be that it was most likely deliberate.  Even the Huffington Post pointed it out!

Aside from simply stating the obvious, though, we’ve seen some sweet fan art come from this!  Check it out down below!

From FluttershyTheKind (@FtKArtist)
From Chupacabra (@Cachicabra)
From Jared Montague (@JManTheAngel)

That’s all for now, though hopefully we can learn whose idea it was.  If any more fan art emerges, we’ll be sure to include it here.  In the meantime, enjoy the additional attention on Zootopia, courtesy of The Angel with Horns herself!  Remember, as always…

Try Everything!


  1. I wonder if this is some “ramp up” marketing slowly going in place for maybe Zootopia 2 ?

    It would be nice to see.

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