Art of the Day #350

Sushitopia by ちゃな Source [1] Nick and Judy enjoy a sushi lunch together. (Careful with that wasabi, fox!) Note the ‘rabbit ears’ antenna ot eh TV set and the identity of the newscaster. And that is only first image in […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: July 3, 2019

Source Not every day we get to talk about a finished fic here, especially one that’s gone on as long as Familiar Fire: The Embers of the Past has. But lo and behold, here it is, on its epilogue. Kudos […]


Story: Anthropomorphic Non Sequitur

Source [Collection][Silly][Fun][T-13][Incomplete] By: ubernoner Need some humor and light, silly reading? You found it! This is a collection of one-shots that were made to be funny and an easy read, and they deliver that and more! ~GorganCM Description: This is […]


Comic: Judy Hotts (by Trevor-Fox)

The combination of Zootopia plus anything else tends to work a little like peanut butter. Unless you’re an Irish dude named Dermot it’s going to work at least a little bit. Some better than others, admittedly, but it’s not like […]