Comic: Judy Hotts (by Trevor-Fox)

The combination of Zootopia plus anything else tends to work a little like peanut butter. Unless you’re an Irish dude named Dermot it’s going to work at least a little bit. Some better than others, admittedly, but it’s not like anything has ever really failed. Zootopia has that kind of quality that it always meshes well, merging because of its broad appeal.

One of the more interesting mergings (Sometimes literally) is the subset of folks who love their transformation, mental or physical or all of the ways. We’ve featured a mental variation before. There’s certainly some amusement in seeing our favorite characters taking on new personas, and some kind of appeal to others being transformed into the folks we know and love. From either direction, it just seems to work, especially when the artwork is fun, enhancing the whole thing.

This particular one is kind of an odd combination, a dash of a kind of scary moment with a kind of purifying and helpful giant dose of comedy. It’s like that perfect tiny bit of hot sauce that adds flavor and spice without turning your head into Ghost Rider. All the flame references will make a lot of sense when you look in and get perhaps a confused laugh. Confused in a good way. Fans of Pokemon will get extra bonus comedy points. The rest of us will just look like last-panel Nick. Have fun with it, and check out the original link here.

~Gabriel LaVedier