Story: Strength of a Bear

[Hurt/Comfort][Slice of Life][K-9][Incomplete]

By: Ubermunchkin

Set within the world of Zootopia but largely telling the story of OCs, Strength of a Bear is nonetheless a worthwhile addition to the Zootopia canon for any fan of the film and the community it establishes within the city walls. Carla Ursane is an exceedingly likable character you’ll be rooting for from the start, and her plight will leave you trying to play detective just as much as the actual detectives of the story. Ubermunchkin already showed a deft hand for worldbuilding with the fantastic Do No Harm, and Strength of a Bear is yet another formidable example. ~YFWE

Description: During the height of the savage predator scare, recently divorced Carla Ursane becomes implicated in the murder of her unfaithful ex-husband. She must count on the support of family and friends to help her survive the investigation.

Link: ArchiveOfOurOwn

Additional tags: tbh randall got what was coming to him tho