Sleepy Bunny Remedies – Zootopia Comic Dub

WildeHopps is, for some, like a fine wine, something savored and appreciated for the notes and interplay of various elements forming a gestalt greater than the sum; for others, like oxygen, the very essence of their lives, that which motivates them. Both ideas can coexist. Those who need it will be well satisfied by its many instances and not need to know anything else. Those who savor it can sit in awe of its mutitudinous forms, each new bend of pencil stroke or string of honeyed words forming vast new vistas of eye-pleasing savor. For both, there’s something to it. Cute, sweet, dramatic, thought-provoking. Something there.

This comic dub is truly for everyone. A short but not too simple exploration of one tired bunny and one [s]dumb[/s] caring fox. By appearances and context it would seem to be deep into sleepover territory, when the couple has either consolidated living space or frequently spend time over with each other. It even passed from couches, cots and sleeping bags to the same bed. They’ve gone quite far and beautifully so.

Judy, ever the dedicated doer who seems to cling tightly to her chore-minded farm-doe upbringing, refuses to let the living space be a mess, no matter how bone-tired she may be. Nick is both practical and predictably recalcitrant with his inability to let her finish her manic task. For the best, of course. He cares deeply for his bunny and wants her to sleep. His methods may be unorthodox but are at least gentle and effective.

A beautiful dub with fine voice work, music and art. Hit up the actors to tell them how well they did and check the artist to say the same. Enjoy the softness, like Judy.

~Gabriel LaVedier



  1. What did Nick put his fur?!? it’s like those spy movies where they have some sort of drug on a piece of cloth and cover a person’s mouth to make them fall unconscious.

    Am I the only one who is thinking that?

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