Story: Winter Romance



By: ScaraMedn

Just because it doesn’t ship Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps together doesn’t mean it’s a bad story! While recovering in Bunnyburrow from the stresses of police work, love blossoms between a fox and rabbit, but not the pairing you’d anticipate it being. There’s plenty of engaging banter and drama to liven things up a bit more, and there’s no denying the sincere chemistry on display here. Even in the dead of winter, love, uh, finds a way. ~DrummerMax64

Description: Judy’s boundless energy is a phenomenal asset, unless you’re the mammal trying to keep pace with her. When Nick’s exhaustion catches up with him, Judy’s ordered to take leave with him. At home on the farm there’s plenty to keep her busy, but will the intrepid rabbit find time for a little matchmaking on the side? Non-WildeHopps two-shot.

Winter Romance

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Additional tags: But if you really hold me tight, all the way home I’ll be warm.

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  1. Refreshing to see someone stretch in this direction for a change. A few minor flaws, but nothing to ruin it (and honestly a lot better than half the WildeHopps I’ve seen).

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