Art of the Day #334: Someone’s in the Kitchen

Nick, the Good Husband by @HB_runo
Source [1]

Greetings fellow Zootopians. For today’s collection we’re featuring some examples of Zootopia fanart dedicated to the art of cooking, (etc.)

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show that artists some love by clicking on the source links.

We open with a series of images showing Judy at work in the kitchen.

“Welllll, there’s something you don’t see every day, Finnick; Carrots chopping carrots.”
“Oh, har har Nick….reeeeeeally funny.”

Carrots Cooking by xender90
Source [2]

Cooking for your boyfriend can be a real chore when he’s a predator and you’re a prey species, (upper right.)

Judy Judy Judy by hazard-girl
Source [3]

Well, there’s carrot cake, so why not carrot cookies?

Carrot Cookies by Neko-Art
Source [4]

Judy preparing a grilled veggie sandwich

Judy grills by tggeko
Source [5]

Not forgetting Nick, here he is in a chef’s outfit.

Chef Nick by @gochi_masu
Source [6]

Moving right along, cooking’s always better when you do it together…so here’s some pics of Nick and Judy, employing their mad cookery skillZ in tandem.

First thing’s first of course; ya gotta get the ingredients.

Grocery Shopping by mattnyc816
Source [7]

Zootopia – Story in the kitchen by doraemonbasil
Source [8]

Mmmm, something smells delicious…and so does the food.

Calendar pic by @saritaaaaaaa82
Source [9]

Note the three little bunnies, hanging around the edge of the table.  One of them looks about ready to make a play for licking the icing bowl.

In Judy’s Home. by smily0347yo
Source [10]

Nick and Judy enjoying some al fresco cooking.  If you’ve never had pizza baked in an outdoor, wood-fired oven, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Lunch in the garden by @motsuko8
Source [11]

This one’s self-explanatory.

Chip and Dale and Judy by @kurokuma824
Source [12]

Of course, you can’t bring up the twin subjects of Zootopia and cooking without mentioning Gideon Grey,

“You know Jude, I know how to cook a very decent amount of veggie plates” by gerardson
Source [13]

Stark Baking Mad by thisisthepartwhereyou
Source [14]

POOF! by kulkum
Source [15]

Of course, you have to start somewhere; here’s one of Gideon, back in his culinary school days.

Gideon at Culinary School by astrolyon
Source [16]

The Pie is Falling by astrolyon
Source [17]

Gideon and the recycled kitchen. by @ScottFabianek
Source [18]

Cooking lesson by mistermead
Source [19]

Mind you, the kitchen isn’t there only for cooking.

There’s also late night coffee….

Warm Milk by (紳∀士)
Source [20]

…and late-night snacks…
(“All right fox….drop the hoagie and back away from it.   And keeps your paws where I can see them.”)

Busted by mechagen
Source [21]

…and just plain having fun!

Kitchen Fun by Foreverknight
Source [22]

And finally, here’s a picture of Michael Giacchino, composer of Zootopia’s musical soundtrack, preparing a homemade pasta lunch for the mixing crew.

Michael Giacchino Cooks by @m_giacchino
Source [23]

Until next time…buno gusto!

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