Art of the Day #314

Speed Underground by xxsparcoxx
Source [1]

Our featured image for today is particularly appropriate. If you’ve been paying attention to the upcoming movie trailers on Youtube (and who hasn’t?) you’ve seen this: Idris Elba, the voice of Chief Bogo, is slated to play the bad guy in Hobbs and Shaw, the upcoming Fast and Furious spinoff.

In the meantime, we present our latest random collection of Zootopia fanart.

Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.

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Oh now, doesn’t he look just SUPER?

Spicy dress Nick 1 by Juan Triforce
Source [2]

Sun and Moon by Francesca: ictbs
Source [3]

Coffee by @snooze0529
Source [4]

Snuggle by @joyjoy_ong
Source [5]

DONUT SUMO by joesanchez
Source [6]

Quiet evening by K_I_D_A_original
Source [7]

Royal Thai Police Revisited by Monbai
Source [8]

Valentines 2019 by birchly
Source [9]

Fennec Badass by xxsparcoxx
Source [10]

Nick by InuShishigami
Source [11]

Pianist fox by xxsparcoxx
Source [12]

Judy vs. Real Bunny1 by 宮越
Source [13]

Judy vs. Real Bunny2 by 宮越
Source [14]

Triggered Treat by 足首
Source [15]

Clahauser Study by ΤOSS
Source [16]

Song of the South Remake by Jaun Alfonso
Source [17]

Happy New Year, Judy by marsorroww
Source [18]

Buddy Cops by biodrake77
Source [19]

Gold-Colored by The Wyvern’s Weaver
Source [20]

Nick and Judy in Chief Bogo’s Office by Mr. Punctual
Source [21]

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