Art of the Day #303: Snow Day 2

Winter Faces by @noko_ume_
Source [1]

One of the earliest Art of the Day collections created for the ZNN webpage was the Snow Day album (February, 2017)

And so today, in honor(?) of the recent spate of heavy, winter weather we present another collection of Zootopia fanart with a winter theme. So grab your cocoa or hot spiced cider, put another log on the fire, and enjoy. And don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

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What was that about, “You throw like a bunny’ again, Nick?

Flawless Victory! by TheGorySaint
Source [3]

Little overconfident there, Jude-the-Dude?

Snow by TheGorySaint
Source [4]

We continue with a series of pics, showing Nick and Judy in the snow.

Snow Day by inyouart
Source [5]

Notice the muzzle, lying beside Judy’s foot.

It’s off now by CPKon
Source [6]

Nick’s just a glutton for punishment, isn’t he?

Zootopia – Snow Bunny by Pen-mark
Source [7]


A little winter sketch by Gokhan 16
Source [8]

Ready for snow by suslikd
Source [9]

Ups by apheront
Source [10]

♪ “Let’s rub noses…like the Eskimos’s” ♫

Winter Babies by trashasaurusrex
Source [11]

Magic Lantern by ajie-g-sketchbook
Source [12]

Poor Nick; in the wintertime, he just can’t control his foxy instincts.

Just asking by softlight289
Source [13]

Stupid Fox Sly Rabbit by 3ganym
Source [14]

500 Likes by CPKon
Source [15]

Two solo Winter images of Nick

Snowy Tundratown by Temiee
Source [16]

Bundled up by justasignature
Source [17]

And some of Judy.

Winters-Embrace by krtr
Source [18]

Winter in Zootopia by AndrejSKalin
Source [19]

Frosty Awws by yelnatsdraws
Source [20]

If there one thing you can say for Judy Hopps, it’s that she NEVER does anything halfway.

Ice Sculpture by justasignature
Source [21]

And now a series of Winterized pics, featuring some of the other members of the Zootopia crew.


Nick, Judy, Gazelle and Bellwether

Winter Bursts by Morrya
Source [22]

Emmitt Otterton and Mr. Manchas

Oterton and Manchas by @botopu
Source [23]

Two images featuring Finnick
(I don’t think those earmuffs are going to do him a whole lot of good.)

Winter Finnick by @mortic_ox
Source [24]

Shhhhh by @mortic_ox
Source [25]

Larry and Gary

Work mate by mumu202
Source [26]

Here’s one of Clawhauser
(Uhhh, do you hear a cracking sound?)

Clawhauser Ice Fishing by TheGorySaint
Source [27]

Nick and Judy are only background figures in this one–but it’s such a cool pic, we had to include it.  (and there’s Mr. Big and Koslov on the far left)
What’s going on here is a Biathlon, a sport first perfected by the Finns against the army of Josef Stalin.

Wings of Change by Machinewithsoul
Source [28]

We wrap things up with a labor of love from last March.
I’d be smiling like that too, if I were this guy, BRAVO!

Do You Want to Build a Snow Nick? by @_Physixz
Source [29]


Bonus Pic:
Nick and Judy go Snowboarding.

Snowboard Fox and Bunny by Runo
Source [30]

Until next time…keep warm, everybody!