Comic: Dilated Eyes [2018 Remake] (by OceRydia)

Upon reading the old version last year, I fell in love with the story when it was created! Knowing thats it’s being remade now brings so much joy in me! I can’t wait to see how OceRydia picks it up from here.

We all remember Bellweather’s plan, and her main intention, bringing fear into both prey and predators and putting hatred on each species. “Dilated Eyes” brings us into a world where, Bellweather’s plan, had worked, just not as much as she would have liked it, and brings Judy into a very hard situation to admit her feelings for her partner.

OceRydia has created the comic back in 2017; and has decided to remake and reboot the comic, and continue the story from where it was left off last year! Check out the comic on DeviantArt, or right here right after the break!