Why it Works: Zootopia’s Apartment Scene (by Browntable)

Zoootpia is a movie full of incredible scenes.  There’s the Press Conference, where you see true, yet unintended, betrayal unfold before your eyes.  There’s the Bridge Scene, where you see the most genuine forgiveness put to film.  But there’s another scene from much earlier on where you really feel for Judy’s feelings of failure and lonliness, which is a feeling every young adult who strikes out on their own feels at some point.  That scene is the Apartment Scene, with its deleted scene version, Homesick Hopps (which includes the ever-amusing Pop-Pop amid the sadness).

Well, Mauricio Velazco of Browntable is here to give us a present on his birthday.  (Happy Birthday from all of us at ZNN, by the way!)  In this short video, we get a bit of a breakdown of this scene, with an in-depth analysis of why it works so gosh-darned well.

Check it out down below, and be sure to subscribe to Browntable- they’re a youtube channel that started in this community and has grown to over 100,000 subscribers since they began.  It’s really awesome to see how far they’ve come.  Keep up the good work!

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