Special Art of the Day #281: Water, Water Every Hare

[Title Unknown] by fearmywaffles
Source [1]

Hello, and welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED ZNN!


Water, the stuff of life, abundant in the Rainforest District, but hard to come by in Sahara Square. (You can get all you want in Tundratown if you have something to melt ice with.)

And so today, we present for your perusal, a collection of Zootopia fanart with a watery theme.

Enjoy… and try not to get the original artists wet when you click on the source links.

Get your art after the break!

(Andy may or may not have edited this post after the fact to make the title a reference to a classic Bugs Bunny short.)

Being out in the rain can be hazardous to your health.

Judy Hopps Gets Wet Fur by ggolddduck
Source [2]
Luckily for Judy, she has a chivalrous fox to help her.
(Don’t worry, Nick, I’m sure she’ll make it up to you.)

Rainy day by nami-san22
Source [3]
See, what’d I tell you?

rainforest_lagoon_by_stormspike-daotcnr by Stormspike
Source [4]
“Travel Tip:
All wet?   
Don’t get upset!  
Bring an umbrella!”
[From The Zootopia Handbook]

Judy and Nick and the rain  by 8-bitpunch
Source [5]

Rainy day – Second gift art by Gokhan 16
Source [6]
The rain can be a beautiful thing when you’re with that special friend

Rain drops and silence by Jevela
Source [7]
…but not so much when you’re all alone.

That long, rainy walk of isolation. by secoh2000
Source [8]

Stupid Rain by feverwildehopps
Source [9]
Or sometimes, even when you’re not.

Zootopia 7 by latex by latex
Source [10]
We continue with a trio of water-themed Zootopia concept art pieces — by Disney artists Matthias Lechner and Jim Martin
Early concept art of the Rainforest District

Judy Rain by Matthias Lechner
Source [11]
More of the above

Waterfall by Matthias Lechner
Source [12]
Early concept piece of the Cliffside Sanitarium.  Note the jungle vine motif on the front.

Cliffisde by Jim Martin
Source [13]
Nick Wilde, enjoying the twin pleasures of a Japanese bath and cherry blossoms

Private Hanami by Qalcove
Source [14]
Judy of the Spring

Judith of the Grove by knoton13
Source [15]
Judy, the Water Bender

Hoppsbender by General Ecchi
Source [16]
A lovely digital manipulation image of Judy in the shower.

Showerface by 我的1224
Source [17]
A follow-up piece of fanart to Byron Howard’s famous Zootopia Summer pic

ZPD – Summer by myrza289
Source [18]
We continue with a short series of Nick and Judy underwater pics.

Summertime by charlenesketch
Source [19]

ズートピアつめあわせ4 by Mitsuharu
Source [20]
Judy as a merbunny

MerJudy by rikuta
Source [21]
And Nick as a merfox

MerNick by rikuta
Source [22]
Okayyyyy, I think this has gone far enough.

Officer Hopps is in The Drink by The-Victor-Catbox
Source [23]
We close with a little crossover pic.  Here’s Judy as Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Atlantis – The Lost Empire Judy by Quirky-Middle-Child
Source [24]


Until next time…stay dry.



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