THIS…is ZNN… 2.0

Hello there, Zootopia community!!!! AgentExeider here for an important announcement.

For the past two-and-a-half years, Blogger has served as the base framework on which ZNN has operated. And for a free platform, it’s done a really good job, but as they say, “Life is change,” and we here at ZNN will change with it.

We have decided to design a new site that will power ZNN and the Zootopia community into the future and, dare we say, to the sequel.

With that in mind I’m proud to announce the ZNN 2.0, hosted on WordPress, a robust blogging platform. That, along with now-private webhosting, will allow us to expand the functionality of the website in ways we couldn’t do on Blogger.

In the coming weeks and months we plan to roll out additional functionality that will expand the scope and capability of ZNN in ways never thought possible. All for you, the Zootopia community.

As always, your input is always valuable, and we’d like to hear your feedback. Of course, as with any new rollout, we expect bugs, so if there are any articles missing media (images, video, etc) or are wonky, please contact the site staff to fix it.

We want to thank you for sticking with us these last two-and-a-half years, and we hope to continue to serve this community for many years to come.


HUGE thanks to Konrad Losiak (SteamPoweredFoxes) for the new logo and banner!  He’s a fantastic logo designer, so if you need something for your own company or website he’s your guy. And check out some of his other designs over on Behance!


  1. With a quick glance over, looking good! Not hugely different from the previous version so not a hurdle we’ll have to adapt to a lot, but
    instead perhaps easier to find certain things, particularly in the archive links.
    One note perhaps that could be improve though: security of the site looks like it might be a touch lax currently (as the notification from my Chrome browser claims). If there’s any way that can be remedied it might be a means to encourage interaction for some.

  2. I accessed the new website on my phone and the mobile version of the website was a little messed up. When I tap an article to read more, it just reloads the current page instead of the article.

  3. The website seems a little glitchy right now. I’m on my phone now, but before it wouldn’t let me access any posts on my phone or tablet, the latter of which accesses the PC version

  4. I’ve been following this site for two years, and I can almost say I saw it born! I almost miss the old site already! But I’m happy with this evolution, good job! I like the home, nice, even if there is something that … I do not know …. I do not like it too convinces, but I think it’s just a matter of habit. As problems for now the only I can report is that from mobile does not load any page, everything that you click will reload the home. but again, good work! Congratulations to everyone <3

  5. I was quite surprised to see that ZNN’s posts on Tumblr now ends with “View on WordPress” … I went like, “Wait… WordPress?? Aren’t they on Blogger??? Is this the genuine ZNN????”

    Glad to see that it is the genuine ZNN. Much goodwill for the new home!

    (One question though: Can we now edit our replies?)

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