Judy Hopps Confirmed in Wreck-it-Ralph 2! (Plus Discussion of Sequel?)

Fan Bun by Mechagen

Two weeks ago, we got a peek at Nick Wilde in the most recent trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet, and there was one question that was on everyone’s minds (once we calmed down enough to ask it): Where is Judy?  Is Judy going to be in it too?

Well, worry not!  We have confirmation that Judy will be making her own appearance, possibly with Nick in tow,  according to YBzone, who got to hear director Rich Moore at a recent conference panel for WiR2. 

As reported in this tweet, Judy will be appearing in the Oh My Disney scene among Marvel characters, as she will be interacting with Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy

Apparently, Rich even said “Nick won’t be happy” (though it’s unclear if this was a joke, or if there will actually be some on-screen interaction between Nick, Judy, and Rocket).

On top of that, when asked about the possibility of a Zootopia sequel, Rich apparently said that it’s very suitable to make a new story, and they are taking the possibility seriously.  Their main concern is if people want Nick and Judy to be in a romantic relationship or not, and they still aren’t sure how to handle that.

So, they’re basically at the same place that they were at a year ago, which is understandable.  I would suggest they take a look at our poll on the question from two years ago, but fandoms tend to skew in favor of shipping, so I wouldn’t say ZNN is representative of a general audience’s interest in having the fox and bun kiss.  We can hope, though!


  1. I’m glad that Judy Hopps made it into WiR2, even though she’s paired with Rocket Raccoon rather than Nick Wilde.

    The problem is that the movie heavily pushed the Disney Princess cameo almost to death, at the expense of Zootopia. We have two entire scenes of Moana shoved down our throats, including her as a baby and her as an adult with the other Disney Princesses. But Judy and Nick are kept to a bare minimum, even after Zootopia stole the Academy Award and Golden Globe for best animated picture from Moana.

    And in a way, it sums up everything that’s wrong with Disney. It’s going to push for what it knows is safe, marketable, and easy to make money off of, regardless of how superior its other products are compared to the brands it heavily pushes. It won’t bother making any more plushies of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, let alone ones from Build-a-Bear Workshop, but it WILL sell all sorts of Moana s*** because it’s a Disney princess, and princesses make more money than anthropomorphic animals, for some unknown reason.

  2. Though happy to have Hopps confirmed as well, of all the interactions she could be having one with Rocket is in particular NOT what I was hoping for…nothing against Rocket of course, he amuses me, but I know a couple people now who are going to jump all over this as being proof of their fan pairings having to be true destiny…

    As for the sequel concern, fandom may skew toward shipping but the general consensus even beyond that is people either want the pairing or would be okay with it, even if only a slim majority. However, as long as we get a sequel I would be just peachy either way.

  3. What I’d imagine is that Judy will probably arrest Rocket or something, considering he is usually still very mischievous.

    As for the how many fans want Nick and Judy together, I’ve seen over 6 polls on 6 different websites including this one, and Wildehopps always won in favor with a minimum of 75% and a maximum ok 90%. Please someone tweet this fact to Mr Moore, because there is just no debate over what the majority of fans want. We want their relationship to flow naturally into the direction it felt like it headed (falling in love).

    If the movie specifies that they will only stay friends no matter what, Zootopia will certainly loose big part of your audience, and not adressing their relationship at all, will only make the non-shippers happy as they can laugh in our face and say “HA! IT’S STILL NOT CANON!”

    • I feel there is still a way they could not make it canon though, i mean seriously even if they don’t make it canon, the shippers will be dissapointed but they will STILL ship them no matter what, but it also keeps the non shippers happy. I personally don’t understand the hype with the romance stuff as it never happened in the movie and N+J were just great friends, i don’t personally see how romance makes sense or see any point of including it and by now it think it’s just overrated since wildehopps has been crammed down the fandoms throat far too much now. But i feel a sequel with romance will just be a fan service, i want an actual interesting sequel not something that feels like the endless amount of fan fiction no thank you. I feel annoyed that you have to say that the movie would lose the audience because i just don’t understand why the hell the fandom is all over this romance that never did (and should never) happen, it makes zero sense

    • Speaking from my own experience, I’m guessing a lot of non-shippers have ditched the fandom because they’re tired of being snubbed.

  4. The one thing that would really devastate me is if they paired Nick or Judy up with someone else, or otherwise stated in some way that they would never be more than friends. If they don’t officially get together, it should be left open for the fans to interpret however they prefer.

    IMO Nick and Judy are one pair that actually feels meant for each other. They just have a natural chemistry that works on its own. A relationship between them wouldn’t feel forced or cheesy like some other Disney couples. Plus seeing them overcome their differences and struggles would make their relationship all the more beautiful and strong.

    • I just think they are friends, i have no idea where this romance nonsense comes from. it’s actually refreshing to see characters that didn’t go into this cliche..and it would feel forced as a sequel with wildehopps will probably be fan service no doubt about it. there was never any romance in this movie, i ain’t doubting the chemistry but it’s not romantic. I wouldn’t care to see them with someone else either, i don’t think romance is needed at all, i don’t see the point of it, just give us another great story, new case and we can see their relationship grow without needing the romance, it really isn’t needed

      • All the years of Disney movies quickly shoving characters into relationships made it feel cliche. Then we finally get Nick and Judy, who actually seem perfect for each other, but people want them to stay just friends because of past cliche. It kills me that it has to be like that.

        I do agree that the quality of the story needs to come first. I’d like to see a variety of stuff for them to do. A nice adventure with their usual banter. I don’t want them to be forced into a relationship in a way that feels unnatural, but I do want to be able to retain hope that they might get together some day. It just has to be done with care.

  5. I dunno, i would say that 65% maybe 75% ships wildehops from what i have seen from community, but thats just me. I am in team wildehopps too, that chemistry just cant be ignored.

  6. Although I’m team Wildehopps, The movie has them work so well together and unforced, that if they just already made them together without the whole romantic “falling in love” bit, non shippers would be fine.

    Look, I know you want them to be friends. I know. But, attraction is so freaking strong. It’s what drives the world forward and love is one of the most powerful things in the world. Then you just CLICK together like that, it’ll happen!

    They just need to keep them exactly the same in Z2, just together! Judy will still be about her Job, Nick will be ever teasing.

    N: Hey, pizza tonight?
    J: It’s pizza almost Evey night, besides, we have leftovers at home! Your mom even made it! I’d hate to waste it..
    N: Yeah yeah

    Done! NO romantic stuff, just a push in the direction of cohabitation and a more likely relationship!

    • I really like that idea too. It could be a way to satisfy both sides. Find a way to imply that they are together, but keep it casual and low-key enough so that it’s not super obvious. It would fit right in with their usual banter and the tone of their characters. I’d love to see them hug each other and/or hold paws at least once though 🙂

      There are a few ways it could be approached really. As long as they don’t end up paired with someone else, or flat out deny that they will ever be together, I’ll be happy with it.

  7. I would be happy if sky got with nick and judy got with jack I would be content with that pairing

    But I would squeal like a little girl if N+J happens lol

    • Pairing Nick or Judy up with anyone else but each other is my worst nightmare. The great dynamic between them is what makes the movie work. Why take that away? Sure they could still work together, but then there would be this awkward “only partners” line they could never cross without causing jealousy. It would take away a lot of the warmth between them.

      I think if Jack and Skye ever appear, they should stick together themselves. Nick and Judy might feel pressure about possibly being the first fox/rabbit couple, and meeting Jack and Skye would tell them that they are not alone. They could work really well together as a group too.

  8. For those who say, it’s going to be a nightmare if Judy and Nick end up with someone else, I just don’t get it and completely disagree. Their relationship is amazingly natural that can go towards both ways just fine. It’s still the same beloved characters we ended liking so much in the first movie, nothing changes, so why so much drama? More beautiful is accept and leave both paths open and leave that criteria to to the creators to choose the next chapter for our two favourite mascots. Not saying to not support one side since I also got one, but just think about it, is it really the end of the world if they don’t end up together? They are already together regardless of their next story.

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