Story: Furight Night

Art by TrashasaurusRex

[Rating T13][Horror][Holiday][Complete]

Look, I know it’s not Halloween anymore, but if you haven’t gotten all the spookiness out of your system yet, let “Furight Night” do that for you. This short five-chapter fic establishes an unmistakably dreary, creepy setting from the get-go and ramps up the intensity throughout, from disturbing imagery to some delectably scary frights that befall Nick and Judy as they explore some sort of demented haunted house on — when else? — Halloween. Also contains one of the best-written characterizations of Nick out there; read this thing if you’re down in the dumps of all those out-of-character imposters. Real deal, y’all. ~YFWE

Author: LagardeRhoade

Description :
Halloween isn’t a well-known “holiday” in Zootopia. A year after the events of Winter of the Bear, our heroes get a call to investigate a possible assault in the Nocturnal District and things don’t go as planned.

Furight Night
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