Midnight Madness, with BOWSETTE MEMES!

…What?  You didn’t think the Zootopia fandom would escape the memes that blaze across the internet from time to time, did you?  It’s time to see what the Super Crown will do to our favorite bunny and fox!  Besides, it’s been way too long since our last Midnight Madness!

Big thanks to Skeletonguys-and-ragdolls for keeping the fandom hip and cool with the latest trendz, yo.  No, I am not going to apologize for that last sentence.  I’ve gotta make my English teachers proud somehow!

Check out Nickette and Judette in two fun short comics after the break!


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  1. So while Judy and Nick get down to cut a rug, Bug, let's the rest of us go check out the latest random collection of Zootopia. Enjoy, Roy… and don't be a square, give the original artists some skin by clicking on the source links, reet, neat, and complete.

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