Story: Battle Of The Kings

Art by gistech

[Rating T13][Sci-Fi][Action][Crossover]

Godzilla? Godzilla. This crossover tackles the question of what would happen if the gigantic monsters of the Pawcific Ocean came to the great mammalian city of Zootopia. It ain’t gonna be no walk in the park for Judy, Nick and co., that’s for sure. An important read for anyone into the lore of Godzilla and its enemies. ~YFWE

Author: gistech

Description :
Set two years after the events of Zootopia. A nuclear meltdown in the country of Hinode results in the awakening of a legendary beast. The beast’s awakening causes another to flee towards Zootopia. Can Zootopia survive an inevitable clash of the titans? And how will Nick and Judy cope? Crossover with Godzilla.

Battle Of The Kings
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