Comic: The Question [by Jaskenator7000]

When I saw this comic, I was squealing! After Judy’s press conference scene, I think this would definitely be a good interpretation of an interview as partners.

This comic is definitely for those who love WildeHopps! “The Question” was created by Jaskenator7000,, and this may be a very accurate scenario the comic presents. Judy was never good around mics and cameras, and Nick is there to save the day (in the most slickest way possible!).

Check out the full comic right after the break!


  1. It's just a shame that the only thing Zootopia will ever be remembered for is its anti-prejudice message, because I'd find a lot more potential for some WildeHopps shipping than the movie's otherwise preachy anti-prejudice message.

    Literally. Why don't that many people talk about WildeHopps compared to just the movie's otherwise preachy message?

    • Are you serious? It seems like all Zootopia fans talk about is WildeHopps. Just look at the fanart and fan fiction.
      I'll admit the anti-prejudice message was preachy, but Disney already has enough movies painting romance as the end-all of life. Something about making the world a better place and looking past our differences? I can live with that.

    • I'm talking about professional critics and mainstream audiences, not Zootopia fans.

      Zootopia ended with multiple possibilities for sequels and spin-offs, but at the same time mainstream audiences and professional critics alike who watched the movie just went to it for its anti-prejudice message. They rarely, if ever, talk about WildeHopps, or the expansive world they inhabit, or the potential for sequels or a TV spin-off. Instead, it's all "overcoming prejudice" this and "heavy subject matter" that, without demonstrating any regard to all the other reasons why Zootopia was such a critical and commercial success.

      The fans, I have no problem with, because they seem to be the opposite: Talking about WildeHopps so much, that they keep forgetting that it's a movie about overcoming prejudice.

    • I've seen critics note things besides the anti-prejudice message, particularly the characters.

      So you think it's unbalanced if people focus on the point and bypass speculation, but not if they focus on speculation and ignore the point? Interesting. I could say or ask a lot of things about that, but the main question I have is this: what would you say if I said that the film has a lot of potential that could be better tapped without WildeHopps, and some that would almost have to be?

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