Story: Evacuated

Art by J Shute Norway

[Rating T13][Friendship][Adventure][AU]

Just because it’s a Nick-and-Judy-as-kits story doesn’t mean everything is all hunky-dory and cutesy. Taking place in a time of global war and drawing inspiration from several historical facets of WWII, “Evacuated” draws readers in with an intriguing narrative and a beautifully developed friendship that’s handled in a touching manner. It starts off with a decidedly dark tone, but rest assured, where there’s tragedy, there’s also hope, and our two young heroes will brave these trying times as strong, inseparable friends, side by side, paw in paw. A different kind of Zootopia war story, tapping right into your inner child. ~DrummerMax64

Author: J Shute Norway

Description :
The year is 1940, and after the invasion of Poleland and the fall of Furance, Zootopia stands alone against the Cud Reich. To escape the blitz, children in all major cities are evacuated out into the country. Nicholas Wilde is one of those children and will be staying with Judy Hopps and her family. From settling in, helping out with the war effort and going out on adventures in the country, the two will become fast friends. But there’s a war going on, and not everything will be plain sailing.

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Additional Tags: When adults wage war, children perish.