Art of the Day #171

Garota Judy by dariamorgan
Source [1]

Hi everyone! Christopher Guará here!

What would be if Zootopia had parades like the ones from Rio de Janeiro? That would be amazing! Well, sadly the traditional Carnival in Brazil is already over, but the memories remains.

Here’s a brand new Artwork of the Day from fans to fans! Enjoy!

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COM – Nick Solo – [Inks and Screentones] by scificat
Source [2]

Smoochies by Houndpool
Source [3]

Swanky by yelnatsdraws
Source [4]

Zutopia Gyangu Bosokuza Boisu! by HyenaTig
Source [5]

Source [6]

🐺「お前、着込みすぎ…」 by @miconeconya
Source [7]

Morning run by fakescs
Source [8]

COPS Nick and Judy by PamelaLeeal
Source [9]

Bun with a Gun by TheBMeister
Source [10]

. Nick Wilde – Zootopia by darkiuby
Source [11]

Sith Lord Bellweather by BlueDragon1993
Source [12]

Hat Trick by JackOrJohn
Source [13]

00 Wilde by wesambjusdem
Source [14]

Zootopia – Oh, sweet cheese and crackers by Weischede
Source [15]

Happy New Year by yelnatsdraws
Source [16]

(SPEEDPAINT) zoot by mechanicalanakal
Source [17]

Merry Christmas (And happy holidays!) by Wiwolf
Source [18]

All I Want For Christmas Is You by Trashasaurusrex
Source [19]

Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps – Zootopia by FoxKenway
Source [20]


  1. Hi!
    Well – in some ways – I understand Rio's Carnival… But……… I think the character of Judy is too honest, and she would never want to act as a carnival dancer – by her will.

    Maybe, if the investigation requires that, it can be a "camouflage"… but I don't think, that she would ever have the wish to be a dancer like that.

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