Special Art of the Day #162: National Pie Day!

— Shall We Bake? — by Pokelai
Source [1]

Hi everyone! Christopher here again!

Today it’s the National Pie Day.  Not Pi Day.  Pie Day.  And what way better to celebrate this special occasion? Well, by making an Special Artwork of the Day featuring one of the best pie bakers we already know. Of course, I’m talking about Finnick!

Just kidding, it’s Gideon Grey, the bully turned baker.  Happy Pie Day!  If you get the chance to have some pie, take it!

Don’t forget to share your appreciation and love to the artist by following the link bellow the images!

Gideons pie by Delako
Source [2]

Fox Boyfriends by aur.
Source [3]

Stark Baking Mad! by JackOrJohn
Source [4]

Gideon Grey Shinning by FairytalesArtist
Source [5]

gideon reckons the day is just about done!! by woofumz
Source [6]

Gideon Grey by chirudegilead
Source [7]

— Baker Fox — by Pokelai
Source [8]

Gideon Grey by Humphrey2520
Source [9]

“You know Jude, I know how to cook a very decent amount of veggie plates” by gerardson
Source [10]

Beach drawings (Gidoen) by ThankU830309
Source [11]

Gideon Grey takes care of Chucky by FairytalesArtist
Source [12]

No Name by raptorchap
Source [13]

Gideon Grey by Corgi
Source [14]

[Zootopia] Nickjudy & Gideon by UnknownArtist
Source [15]

Zootopia – Buying cake by doraemonbasil
Source [16]

No Name by ukulm52
Source [17]

giddy boy by joswigei
Source [18]

Daily of the Gideon – 3 by ThankU830309
Source [19]

-CM- Judy X Gideon by Meteor-05
Source [20]

Gideon by DragonNoodles
Source [21]

Gideon Grey – National Blueberry Pie Day 2017 by scosplash
Source [22]

Gideon Grey by MatthewCipolla1
Source [23]

Gideon by trekgoth
Source [24]

Gideon Grey by Kristall004
Source [25]

Holiday request – Gideon and Bambi by LittleSnaketail
Source [26]

Have some Gideon Pie for #NationalPieDay by @gamutfeathers
Source [27]



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