Story: The Hunt

Art by RedPen (Technical-Error)

[Rating M16][Action][Adventure][Romance][AU][Sequel]

After realizing and acting on their love for one another in the previous story in the “Of Salt and Steel” series, Nick and Judy jump right back into the fray, with orders from the admiralty to track down and detain the legendary Blackwolf, a vicious cutthroat whose villainy knows no bounds. There are many surprises in store for the audience, and RedPen is a master at creating exhilarating action sequences that will amaze you with their sheer ferocity. The plot is relentless with its brutality and angst, but readers who are brave enough to traverse these perilous waters will be rewarded with a vigorous, spine-tingling tale. Just be sure to hang on tight. Because once the cannonballs start flying, things really start to kick off. ~DrummerMax64

Author: RedPen (GardenVatiety)

Description :
Basking in the glow of their flaring love, burning brightly but secretly, Commodore Judith Hopps and Lieutenant Nick Wilde set course for the bitter cold of Bersei, tasked with bringing the savage pirate, the Blackwolf, to swift, single-minded justice. With three rated ships at her command, and a plan to catch her foe unawares, she is in high spirits. She should not be. The frost-bitten northern sea is not her territory. Her enemy is no craven. The hunters will become the hunted.

The Hunt

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  1. I have read almost half of the story and found it really intriguing and interesting. Thanks for another post and defining the author and the scenario of the chapter. Waiting for more definitions. Refer run 3

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