Some Extra Info About NaZoWriMo

Sunday Morning by Catelman

Hey guys!  Andy Lagopus here.  Hope you’re just as excited about NaZoWriMo as we are!  Before we get too far into it, I just wanted to mention some things we forgot to address in the initial post.

I’m sure some of you are wondering why the artists get a cool prize for the Halloween Art Contest, while the authors seem to not be getting anything for writing an entire novel in a month.  Well, I’m glad to announce that that’s not the case!  In the spirit of encouraging participation (and doing better than we did last year) we’re attaching a reward for those who complete the challenge!

If you can finish writing a 50,000 word Zootopia Fanfic that passes our pre-readers’ inspection, we will send you a brand-new, physical copy of your story!  This isn’t just for the first 5 or however many, but for every single fic that meets the goal of novel-length!  Hopefully that incentive helps get your creative juices flowing. 

One other thing: if you want to apply for the beta-reader position, send an email to [email protected] with the subject “NaZoWriMo Pre-Reading Application”.  We will only accept applications in this format, so please send them in that way- otherwise the chances of applications being lost among various sites and platforms is too high.

Once again, good luck everybody!  We look forward to hearing the stories you have to tell.  Until the end of November, remember…

Try Everything!

~Andy Lagopus


  1. My question is, do all of the 50,000 words have to come from the story itself? Because my story has an author's note before every chapter, which bumps up the word count a bit.

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