NaZoWriMo 2017- Submit your fics!

Happiness by 阿水Jing

Today’s the day!  Those of you who participated in our second annual National Zootopia Writing Month (NaZoWriMo) have been hard at work for the past 30 days, trying their best to get a novel-length Zootopia story.  With a goal of 50k words per story, and the addition of a prize for those who complete that challenge, this year has already been WAY better than last year.  We’ve got our crack team of volunteers ready, and we’re all set so we can get you the results as soon as possible.  Let’s do this.

If you have been writing a story for NaZoWriMo, send it to us at [email protected] with the fic’s name and [NaZoWriMo] in the subject line!  Even if you didn’t quite reach the goal of 50k words, send us what you have anyways!

You have until December 1st at 11:59 PM Pacific Time to send in your stories.

If you missed that deadline and were still working on a story for NaZoWriMo, you can still send it in!

We’re looking forward to reading what you’ve written!  And remember, as always…

Try Everything!

~Andy Lagopus

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