The Zootopia Lawsuit is back… with merch!

Korean Cop Judy Hopps by HOT–DOG

There’s a great positive lesson in the beginning of Zootopia.  After being pushed down by the obviously more powerful Gideon Grey, Judy gets back on her feet and says “I don’t know when to quit!”

Unfortunately, Gary Goldman seems to have taken that lesson to heart, and none of the other important things the movie teaches us.
That’s right, the Zootopia Lawsuit is back.  This time, he’s brought several hundred pages of evidence suggesting that Zootopia was his idea in the first place.   It’s going to take us a little while to give them a full, in-depth examination, but for now there is at least one good thing that’s come of this.
For those of you who have complaints that Zootopia did not have much merchandise, worry no more!  In an effort to prove that they deserve some of the money made from Zootopia merchandise, Goldman’s lawyers have compiled full, comprehensive list of all Zootopia related items available for sale in the USA.

EDIT: A quick search on Amazon reveals that, no, this is not a full, comprehensive list of Zootopia merchandise.  They completely missed the funko pop figures, the emoji figures, and a ton more.  So great job, Esplenade Productions, you didn’t even get this part right.
Well, if they’re going to do this sort of thing, we’ll gladly turn it around to Disney’s advantage.  If you see anything on this list that you want, and you can find it online, then I say go for it!
Check out the full pdf of official merch after the break.  And trust me, ZNN will be covering Goldman’s entire argument in great detail.


  1. Their list is missing quite a few items. I'm glad they didn't find my merchandise guide as part of their research. They do have a couple of items (the magic ink activity book, and sticky note roller) that I don't have listed. I'll need to revise my guide, as I have a dozen or so additional items to add.

  2. This guy doesn't seem to know what actually HAPPENS when you lose a lawsuit. There's a reason why the judge told him to not continue with this.

  3. This guy… wow… Hes just making himself look more and more pathetic… Just a sad sad little man and he will not get my pity… May the judge tossed this one out just like the last time.

    And Hopefully we won't see him again.

  4. If the judge doesn't toss this without prejudice this time, Disney needs to pull out all the stops and curb-stomp him. This is just ridiculous.

  5. I'll be looking for the Disney Infinity models, maybe the carrot pen, though not much myself for kid's coloring books etc. Surprised they mention nothing of the Hallmark ornament that I've also got eyes on…
    There was a post on FB with a few more pages from the lawsuit trying to compare characters and events, and oh my God is it still horribly vague and stretching lines again. Goldman's lost his marbles if he's still trying at this with even all the "new" info he's brought on…

    • Good luck finding the infinity figurines, Disney Infinity has been discontinued for months. Your best bet is e-bay, though sometimes you can still find at Toys-R-Us.

  6. Goldman should just give up, before he harms his reputation, and his legal standing. His evidence new evidence is even flimsier, he could get punished for perjury, if he keeps going at this rate.

  7. Isn't it illegal for a retrial on a case unless you go through the appeals court system (I'm pretty sure a case like this would have been veiwed as not worthy for retrial) only because Goldman is ( not trying to sound rude but being dumb)) or was a verdict not technically reached in the last case or is something else happening here?

  8. This whole thing reminds me of the stupidity of Digital Homicide (shit gaming studio) did to Jim Sterling (game reviewer) where they tried to sue him for 10 million dollars for defamation when all he did was point out how bad their games were. The legal system in this country is obnoxious.

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