Comics: Target Sighted and High Four (by Axel Eg Andersson)

*Andy Lagopus runs in out of breath*
“WildeHopps isn’t actually canon!”
*He dashes out of the room chased by an angry mob*

In all seriousness, Nick and Judy, while they have the potential to be the best couple in Disney history, never actually leave the territory of “best friends” in the movie.  WildeHopps is purely hypothetical until a sequel shows otherwise.
Of course, best friends make for the best couples, so by all means continue shipping them!  We’d be out of work if you didn’t.  
Still, we don’t see very many comics taking the other side of things, where Nick and Judy are just best friends who have each other’s back in every instance – including scoping out potential partners for each other, and being totally prepared for the morning after.  Axel Eg Andersson… part of me loves this, and part of me hates it.  But both parts enjoy it, so I have no regrets featuring this!
Check it “Target Sighted” and “High Four” over on Tumblr, or after the break!


  1. Haha, love the wording of the intro (until the sequel shows it – like it's a given)

    Just hoping we don't end up with a situation like another ship in a different fandom that seemed obvious…

  2. The "you know you love me" sentence, though… in many languages beside English, can only be interpreted as romantic, which means their relationship had progressed beyond mere friendship.

    I had a Gsheet somewhere summarizing MANY translations and their possible interpretation (romantic, platonic, or ambiguous).

    Last I checked, IIRC, it was something like 4 ambiguous, 9 romantic, 0 platonic.

    Which means, despite not being explicitly shown or told on-screen, their relationship at the end of the movie more than likely has progressed beyond mere "friends".

    So, it's more than just wishful thinking for me, but already a fact.

    The insistence of many in denying this, for me is just… pitiful.

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