Try Every Firework! (Mashup by Mashin’ Jams)

Source: そば

Ah, fireworks.  You never cease to inspire at least some form of “ooh” or “ahh” from an audience.  It’s a shame Gazelle didn’t end her concert with some- all we got at the end of Zootopia were… I think they were confetti cannons?  Maybe they were some sort of firework, but they weren’t the sort that light up the night sky.

Long story short, Try Everything needed more fireworks.  Thankfully, Mashin’ Jams is here to help in their own unique way.  Combining Katy Perry’s Firework with Shakira’s Try Everything, you end up with one seriously explosive pop song!

Check it out after the break!


  1. As one who is very selective about music mixes, this is one of the few that appeared more intriguing, being fond of both songs separately. Combining them resulted in a fantastic mix, especially with how the melody worked together for the lyrics. Having first appreciated Firework mostly from Illumination Studios' Sing, performed by Reese Witherspoon as the adorable pig mother Rosita, it brings to mind an image of Rosita and Gazelle singing the combined song on stage together. 🙂

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