Comic AND Comic Dub: First Date (by Artbirchly)

We recently put together a list of all the comics we’ve featured before on ZNN, and, to my amazement, this wasn’t on there!  How?!  It’s a classic!

Instead of smacking myself in the head for letting over a year go by without featuring this amazing comic by Artbirchly, I’m going to give you guys an extra treat.  This post won’t feature just the comic: We’re also going to feature the comic dub by Brian Random!

Let’s not waste any more time!  Check out the dub down below:

And check out the original comic over on Deviantart, or after the break!


  1. Ah, the comic that introduced us to Courney Brushmarke, that snotty skunk with an attitude that smells worse than her natural defences. And yet, she being a beautiful skunk has gained a strong fan-following. It doesn't detract us from loving how Nick and Judy are enjoying their first date, and it just got better with Judy courageously responding to how much she loves Nick. His own reaction is hilariously priceless. Were he not so shell-shocked by her gesture, we could hear him mutter, "…I love that bunny!"

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