The story of Zootopia on r/Place!

A community getting together to create something spectacular is an amazing thing. It shows the dedication that those people have, and how they can work together to one goal.  This is exactly what happened on r/Zootopia as members got together to solidify their place on r/Place.

Fonzi here, and as a Reddit user who has been apart of r/Zootopia for almost a year now, it was awesome to see members that I know get together and make this wonderful pixel art!

For those of you who didn’t hear about r/Place when it was happening, it was Reddit’s April Fool’s Day Social Experiment: what happens if you give the internet a one million pixel canvas, 16 colors to choose from, and a 5-10 minute wait time before a user can place another pixel.  The result was absolutely astonishing.  You can find the whole thing over on reddit, and if you’re still not sure what exactly happened during the 72 hours this was going on, here’s a useful video explaining it all.  Or a funny one that does kinda the same thing, but set to a really old meme song. (Zootopia appears at 2:55)

As you can see, our little community made its contribution: Judy with her carrot pen, as well as Nick with his pawpsicle. Members even added a heart in the middle of them!  We’re the only community on there that was based on a single movie, not a TV show or video game or nationality.  How cool is that!?

r/Zootopia mod thawed_caveman has provided a whole post with a time lapse of the work (thanks to silly wox for that), the location of the art, the full final canvas, and the full list of members that contributed to this cause!

Congratulations to r/Zootopia and everyone involved! I hope we can see more accomplishments like this in the future!  You can find the time lapse video of our pixel art’s evolution after the break!

(Also, we know we’re a bit late on covering this, all I can say is… sorry about that!  ~Andy Lagopus)


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