Story: Final Moments

Art by: Kastraz

[Rating T13][Romance][Hurt/Comfort]

This story was an emotional rollercoaster of a ride. The memories shared, the fun times reminisced, looking back on their lives – it was all amazing and beautifully written with a certain passion too difficult to recreate. Nick and Judy shared many moments with each other in this story, filled to the brim with “feels”. Final Moments will stand as one of my personal favorites and hopefully, yours as well. -Lucario389

Author: Randomnessx23

Description :
At that moment, when time runs dry, And you know soon, you’re going to die, What would you do? What would you say? To your loved ones on your last day. Nick thought for a while, and let out a sigh “Such troubling ideas, I wonder why?” “These thoughts right now, do they carry ill omens? *sigh* “I guess we’ll find out, after these final moments…”

Final Moments

Additional Tags: (An Ocean Full of Feels) (Tears Will be Shed)


  1. Yea… definitely a trip on the feels train… I would love to read more story's with feels like this I don't know why. But damn that poem!!!! Great Short Story!

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