Anime Opening for Zootopia

Japan does some pretty amazing things, especially when it comes to animation.  One of the coolest anime to debut last year, in my opinion, was Mob Psycho 100.  It really pushed the boundaries of what art styles were possible in the medium, and its ending credits, set to the song “Refrain Boy” by ALL OFF, demonstrate just how beautiful paint-on-glass animation can be.

Why am I going on about an excellent anime that you really should watch if you haven’t already?  Because HighJinxinc put together a fantastic anime-style opening for Zootopia, set to the same song as Mob Psycho’s closing credits!  With some snazzy editing and a few custom animations, he really makes the film feel like it’s just the beginning of what could be a long-running series.  Great work!

Check it out for yourself after the break!


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