Comic: Driving Home (original by Skeletonguys-and-ragdolls)

There’s being overprotective.  And then there’s this.  Nick, I’m going to assume you’re at least a decent driver, so I’ll just say to relax, nothing is going to happen.  Your kid is safe, so listen to Judy.

That said, I got a good laugh out of this.  Well done, Skeletonguys-and-ragdolls!  You’ve done it again!

This comic was inspired by a post by humanityinahandbag, and the character of violet is based on a story by helthehatter.  Check it out over on tumblr, or read on after the break!


    • You mean either "C'mon" or "Come on". But calling Judy "common" is just kind of mean, even if she is a fairly common and ordinary grey bunny. 😛

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