Zootopia wins the Producer’s AND Editor’s Guild of America Awards!

Source: Facebook

Zootopia has just been taking the Awards season by storm!  It’s getting to the point where we’re starting to lose track of just how many awards it’s won so far!  Apparently that’s a problem that the official Disney Zootopia Facebook Page has as well, because they posted this list to their cover.  (Don’t worry, I completely understand.  Running out of space for awards is a good problem to have!)

In fact, Zootopia is picking up awards so fast that the brand-new list that they just posted… is already outdated!  The most recent awards are from the Producer’s Guild of America, where Clark Spencer won The Award for Outstanding Producer of Animated Theatrical Motion Pictures, and from the American Cinema Editors (or Eddie) Awards, where Fabienne Rawley and Jeremy Milton were awarded Best Edited Animated Feature Film!

Congratulations once again to the cast and crew of Zootopia!  Sorry I’m a little late with to covering these two prestigious prizes here on ZNN, but I am absolutely looking forward to writing about Zootopia winning many more awards yet.


  1. With "Try Everything" out of the Best Original Song list, Moana can have it, but if Zootopia doesn't win Best Animated Film, there's gonna be hell to pay with the Academy. ^.^;

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