Story: Quid Pro Quo

Arc Roto – Artist

[Rating T13][Drama][Friendship][Feels][Complete]

This story is a vivid, touching, and personal look into the mind of a fox whose spent his whole life running and surviving – only to be suddenly faced with a lifeline to a better, but uncertain life. After all, it’s not easy to gamble everything on hope. Follow Nick’s struggles to push aside his insecurities and the accumulation of twenty years of surviving. Because survival isn’t enough, and a little rabbit showed him that he could thrive instead. But getting there? That’s the tricky part. ~Bummer

Author: Anon8043

Description :
After Bellwether is arrested, Nick finds that he doesn’t know what to do next, instead just putting one paw in front of the other. Confronted with the knowledge that his 20 years of being alone cannot protect him from a certain rabbit’s winning smile, he finds himself in a deal to talk about the past that he never put into words. Maybe 20 years is all it would have to be.

Quid Pro Quo

Additional Tags: Bear or the Buzzard? Taking the third option.


  1. I've read this story already and am glad so see it recommended here. It is a great tale that picks up right after Bellwether's arrest and shows the impact that helping Judy had on Nick's life leading to his decision to retire from hustling and go straight. The rest of the tale takes place over the course of a week where Nick dismantles his old life of "just surviving", deepens his friendship with Judy, and decides what he's going to do with his life and how he'd like to have a certain bunny remain part of it. During part of the tale, Judy is in Bunnyburrow recovering from her leg injury and every night Nick would call her. These phone calls became the highlight of the story for me.

  2. When you finish this story, I urge the new readers to continue with "The Greatest Gift is You," the sequel. Some authors have gifts for action, others for adventure…this is an author with a skill for the slow, endearing moments that life otherwise passes by.

  3. I have read, I really enjoyed it.
    The writer is a history of others. I really recommend it. Nick has been studying at the ZPD Academy , but he spending Christmas in Judy's home. Funny and sweet story (Quid Pro Quo few things in the story).
    The story title: The Greatest Gift is You

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