Story: A Vintage Misery


[Rating T13][Victorian][Mystery][Thriller]

A Vintage Misery is a very well written fic that’s set in a Victorian-esque AU. It offers the reader quite a ride as the fic’s expansive setting and background spring to life to create a truly awesome and imaginative AU that will surely capture your attention. Overall, the story comes highly recommended. ~Namicle

Author: The Phantom Beyond

Description :
Before there was even a Zootopia or such things as equality, there was a time when everyone is unequal. Where the difference between the rich and poor was just as clear as black and white on a paper. This is the time when the predators are the nobles of society and the prey were slaves. This is a story of a fox who continues to fight for a better tomorrow and a rabbit who is shown for the first time in her life, what the world is like outside the farm. This is a story of hope, trust, blood, and love. This is Vintage Misery

A Vintage Misery

Additional Tags: Finally, a Victorian era AU.

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  1. Greatings ZNN team,
    This might be the only fast way to get your attention for now other than communicating via clutters of email. I represent The Phantom Beyond, I am Kim, I am one of the people who sent you guys a recommendation to his work on Vintage Misery, He kindly requests that you take down the cover art used on this post, please I don't wanna be involved in an intellectual property legal battle. But by all means keep his story posted. thank you for taking the time to read this. (remove this comment if you must, it sorta clutters up the comments section)

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