FreezeFrame #4: Gideon and Travis!

We all know Gideon Grey, the childhood bully who, according to Cory Loftis, “embodies the worst parts of bad children.  He’s a bully, probably mean to bugs, and carries around a solid stick for breaking stuff.” (The Art of Zootopia)
And what would a young aspiring villain be without his faithful lackey sidekick?  Travis has a grand total of one line in the whole movie, but he definitely makes the most of it.  So, let’s take a closer look at these two young jerks who want nothing more than to feel powerful over those smaller and weaker than them.
This Freezeframe, instead of looking at a single frame, we’ll be diving into some of this duo’s best faces and expressions during their short time terrorizing Judy.  
Join us for more fox-and-ferret-filled-fun after the break!

Gideon, did you really have to pich on the three most adorable and innocent little kids you could find?  There’s no way you have the moral high ground here.  Just sayin’.
Travis’ thoughts:  Oh crap, it’s a cop!

Run, Gideon!  They can smell fear!
Oh wait a sec, that ain’t a cop.
She ain’t The Fuzz!  She’s just fuzzy, that’s all!
“Hang on a sec, I gotta sneeze.”
Pure, unadulterated happiness coming from Travis right here.

“Hey Gid, I think we’re supposed to be in a kids film.  
Try making a fart joke or something, that stuff sells like crazy.”
“Perfect.  That oughta rake in the millions.”
“Don’t fan it in my direction!!!”
Behold: The frame where Judy steals the tickets from Gideon.  One second they’re there…
…And the next, they’re gone.  Even as a kid, that bunny had some crazy reflexes!
They may have just beaten up some helpless kids, but there’s no denying just how happy these two look at this moment!

And that wraps it up for this Freezeframe!  Join us next time as we look at some of Judy’s worst moments at the police academy!