FreezeFrame #3: Celebrate Carrot Days!

Welcome to Carrot Days!  This is the first scene of the movie that made me realize just how incredibly rich and detailed the world of Zootopia truly is.  Seriously, just look at the details in this one frame.

This guy is using what looks to be a Motorola Razr.  Remember those things?  Remember how cool they were?  Everyone who was anyone back in the early 2000’s had one.  Specific models of cell phones wouldn’t be this popular until the first iPhone launched.
The fact that the phone is there is such a small detail, but considering that the rest of the movie takes place 15 years later, we can clearly see how technology has changed in that timeframe- both in our world, and in theirs.  It’s just wonderful!
Check out all the other tiny details I noticed after the break, and let me know if I missed anything you find really cool!

10/10 most adorable bunny.  Disney, I want this as a stuffed animal.
What festival would be complete without food carts?  
Get your Carrot on a Stick today!
Also, take a look at this jelly stand.
24 “Carrot” Jam.
I love the puns in this movie.
Everyone who has ever been to a country fair has seen this in one way or another.  These background designers knew what they were doing.
Seriously, the more I watch this movie, the more I see missed opportunities for Disney’s merchandising department!  Come on you guys- the animators basically gave you all this great material on a platter.
And that’s all we have for today!  See you next time on the next FreezeFrame!


  1. Please keep doing these…I love seeing the details that most of us don't look for when just watching the movie (24 "Carrots" is fantastic).

  2. I agree, I love seeing these little things that the animators did; it truly shows how immersed the entire crew was in this universe!

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