Story: The Meetings

Art that inspired this story by L-U-Y-A

[Romance] [Drama][Rated K-9]

As someone who’s pre-read Cimar’s “A Tail of Love”, I know a thing or two about crack ships. But this right here is a rare beast indeed: a crack ship that is not only as obscure and unusual as you can get, but one that is fully believable despite that. Enjoy the surprisingly deep relationship of “the tiger and bunny mom from that one scene”. ~Berserker

Author: Emma89

Description :
This story follows two main characters, a single bunny mother and a tiger, from the moment Judy sees them on the subway/bus. It explores the difficulties they face in an increasingly hostile city as pred/prey tension rises in the wake of the savage attacks.

The Meetings
First Meeting
Second Meeting
Third Meeting
Fourth Meeting
Fifth Meeting
Sixth Meeting

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