Story: Rush

[Mystery] [Thriller] [Sequel] [Rated T-13]

(This is the second story in the “Shadows in the Dark” series.  You can find the first story HERE)

A pulse-pounding drug mystery that follows Nick and Judy in following a trail of breadcrumb clues on their first case as detectives-in-training. What follows is a non-stop thrill ride that places both in constant danger in tracking down the masterminds of this new, nefarious drug network; all the while building the romantic relationship between the two. Thoroughly enjoyable and never a true dull moment, I had great fun reading through this one. ~DarkFlameWolf

Author: Agent Exeider

Description :
Something new has shown up on the streets of Zootopia, a new drug, it’s a hot item with the youthful predator and prey alike, it’s up to Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps to track down the source and put a stop to the poisoning of Zootopia’s soul.

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Additional Tags: You might have to rush to catch this culprit. (ah, that joke was lame and I love it)

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  1. Wow. Another fanfiction story that could be worthy of a read aloud! Thank you, Andy, for sharing this fanfiction story here! I'll have to take a gander at this. Right after I look at the first series. Keep these stories coming! It's very much appreciated!

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