EPIC Comic: The Halo // Horn Effect, by IttyBitty

We have featured many large comics here on ZNN.  But at 48 pages long, this just might be the largest we’ve ever featured.

Join agent Jack Savage and Skye on their first mission together, as they hunt down Dr. Martin Shepard, an evil genius with a bio-weapon that could destroy the world.

As a bit of a tangent, I love that Jack and Skye have found new life in the fandom, despite only existing (canonically) in concept art.  And in another universe, they might have been the stars of Zootopia, rather than the bunny/fox pair we have.  But this is our universe, and here, we can take the idea of these two and do whatever we want with it.  Epic adventures await.

So sit back and get ready for an absolutely amazing comic.  IttyBitty, you are an absolutely fantastic artist, and I look forward to seeing more of this comic in the future.

Check out the comic over on Tumblr, or after the break!


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